The Beijing Bash: US Sanctions Drive Investment to Chinese Semiconductors

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Employees monitor the production of 300-millimetre wafers at SK Hynix’s factory in Incheon, South Korea. Source: Korea Joongang Daily

China’s Look Inward

Gap Between Domestic Production and Market Demand for Chips Projected to Grow

* = estimate figures; Sources: IC Insights, The China Guys

China’s Shift to Local Sources

Employees assemble ASML’s TWINSCAN NXE: 3400B, an extreme ultra-violet (EUV) lithography machine in Veldhoven, Netherlands. US lobbying in 2019 prevented China’s acquisition of the leading technology. Source: Reuters



Semiconductor Design

Cambricon Technologies / Unisoc

China’s public and private financing in emerging semiconductor technology has led Washington to reconsider government-led investment. Source: New York Times

Looking Forward

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