The China Guys


  • Dennis Higgins

    Dennis Higgins

  • pam yoosatid

    pam yoosatid

  • Jingyi Zhang

    Jingyi Zhang

  • carla mayumi

    carla mayumi

    Sou mulher, mãe, filha, namorada, empresária, perennial. Estudiosa de comportamentos e tendências desde 2005, apaixonada por música, tricô e outras cositas más.

  • Hendrik Laubscher

    Hendrik Laubscher

    Founder of NewCo and ecommerce thought leader. Marketplaces, global ecommerce and data is my drivers.

  • Fernando Revilla

    Fernando Revilla

  • Kshitij Shah

    Kshitij Shah

    Techno geek, food obsessed, avid reader, philosopher, day dreamer, romantic

  • Lou Gibbons

    Lou Gibbons

    Midult, marketeer, mum and meditation teacher (in no particular order). Helping people to be happier. Join me at

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